About Me

I am a New York based editor, who specializes in branded content, advertising, news, and entertainment media. I've collaborated with a wide range of brands such as Vox, VH1, Complex, James Patterson, BMW, Estee Lauder and many others. People that I work with describe me as dedicated, detail-oriented, versatile, fast, and friendly. I value hard work, and bring a passion for storytelling to every project. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with family, learning new editing skills, practicing martial arts, drawing, playing guitar, and watching films.


What People Are Saying

Matt is a team player and great to work with. He’s a versatile creative editor and can seamlessly go from comedy to drama without a problem. His attention to detail is what sets him apart and the work speaks for itself.
— Producer and Director, Complex Media
Matt is one of these incredible talents whose creative vision, unwavering work ethic, knowledge base and true passion for his vocation are all equally and remarkably present. We worked together recently when Matt joined my production crew in the post-production stage of my film The Masterpiece. Matt worked as an Assistant Editor and was solely resonsible for creating the film’s trailer. When he presented his work to me I was amazed by his razer-sharp story-telling abilities as an editor (not to mention lightning fast editorial skills). He went above-and-beyond the call of duty and made himself available to me at all times during post-production. I very much look forward to working with Matt again on future projects. His tenacity, on top of his sheer love for, and commitment, to his work, is more than commendable...it is admirable.
— Courtney Lauren Penn | Producer, Founder, Boundless Pictures
Matt Maltese is one of my favorite editors to work with. Matt is not only indepthly educated in the textbook editing, but he really knows how to tell a story. Matt understands emotional beats and how to pace a scene. There are very few editors that can understand exactly what I want, from only a few brief discussions of a script. Matt is supremely dedicated and always meets his deadline. We’ve worked together over 5 times, and I continue to bring every project to him. I’d recommend Matt to any production.
— Phil Giordano | Writer, Director
I recently had the pleasure of working with Matt Maltese on the production of The Secret Friend, a short film starring Viola Harris and Siobhan Fallon. Matt joined our team during post-production and offered his editing services to the project. He was eager to put in the time and energy necessary to transform our film, and bring to life the vision we all shared for this project. He immediately clicked with the already tight crew and was always willing to put in the extra effort, often going above and beyond what was expected from him. It was evident from the start that he truly cared about his work and I was able to trust him to give his all to the project. Overall I could not have asked for a better experience and I can say without question that his contribution was a critical part of this process.
— Nick Eisenberg | Producer at Iron Mountain Media Inc.